A Guide To Printer & Photocopier Maintenance Kits

What Are Printer & Photocopier Maintenance Kits?

A maintenance kit is essential for prolonging the life of your printer or photocopier. Maintenance kits are predominantly aimed at larger printers used in high-demand environments such as offices or schools.

Like any tech-product, printers and photocopiers’ performance begins to decline with regular use. Maintenance kits provide the key parts, such as toners and drums, to refresh your worn printer and bring performance back to its absolute best.

Which Maintenance Kit Do I Need For My Printer Or Photocopier?

Each maintenance kit is designed for specific printers and photocopiers, you will be able to find out if a maintenance kit, also known as a service kit, is available for your device by simply browsing the web.

As the kit is created for specific machinery, the parts will be varied from kit to kit. This is because different parts will experience wear and tear in different printers. Therefore, you can rest assured the parts in your printer or photocopiers maintenance kit will give your device the kickstart it needs to get back to maximum performance and efficiency.

Each Kyocera maintenance kit has a unique product name and SKU code. For instance, the maintenance kit designed for ECOSYS M6035cidn, M6535cidn and TASKalfa 350ci printers is known as MK-5155, as well as 1702NS8NL1. You can use either the name or SKU when searching our website to find the maintenance kit you require.

How Often Will I Need To Service My Printer Or Photocopier?

Like with anything, the scale of wear and tear depends on usage and the product itself. Luckily, suppliers give a figure in which the kit should be fitted in terms of pages printed. This gives you a good idea of when your printers performance may be declining and should be serviced with a maintenance kit. An example of this is the MK-5155 kit we mentioned previously should be installed to your printer every 200,000 pages in order to maintain true efficiency.

Thankfully, printers and photocopiers have a counter which will tell the user how many pages have been processed; therefore, you will not have to physically count thousands of pages. Even better, most printers and photocopiers today will alert you to when a maintenance kit is required.

Are There Maintenance Kits For Every Single Printer?

Unfortunately not, maintenance kits are predominantly created for professional and semi-professional printers and photocopiers. For lesser printers and photocopiers, it is possible to acquire specific parts and fix the device yourself, although in many cases it is more time and cost-effective to replace the device altogether.

Can I Install A Maintenance Kit To My Printer Or Photocopier?

Depending on your personal skills and the device that needs servicing, it is possible to apply the maintenance kit yourself. However, in order to save time and ensure the kit is installed correctly, we recommend getting a professional to carry out the service.

Our sister-company KJL Document Solutions can offer this service as well as further printer, copiers and document management support for your company. Please note, this service is dependent on geographic location.