Introducing the Lexmark 9 Series

Introducing the Lexmark 9 Series

Lexmark 9 Series: Versatility, Sustainability, and Simplicity

Designed with the customer in mind, the product line proves powerful and sophisticated technology can still be user-friendly.

Introducing the innovative Lexmark 9 Series A3 printers and multifunction products (MFPs): Experience unparalleled versatility, user-friendly simplicity, and outstanding sustainability all wrapped in cutting-edge technology that will exceed your expectations. As with all Lexmark hardware, these devices help keep the modern business running with exceptional reliability, industry-leading durability, and long-lasting toner and supplies to effortlessly create anything your business requires and beyond.

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Versatility at Its Core:

The Lexmark 9 Series is engineered to handle diverse printing needs with ease. Whether it’s high-volume printing or complex media types, these devices deliver exceptional performance, meeting the highest standards of efficiency and quality. With an array of finishing options, the 9-Series ensures that your business’s printing capabilities are limitless.

Simplicity for Users:

Lexmark understands that sophisticated technology should not come at the cost of user-friendliness. The 9-Series boasts intuitive interfaces and straightforward instructions, allowing users to complete their tasks efficiently. The simplified design with fewer parts means easier management and servicing, saving valuable time and resources.

Sustainability: A Priority:

The 9-Series shines in its commitment to the environment. These devices incorporate a significant percentage of post-consumer recycled content, reducing waste and promoting circular practices. With ENERGY STAR® certification, the 9-Series helps reduce your carbon footprint while delivering exceptional performance. Additionally, these devices were meticulously designed and engineered to last seven years or more. This longevity minimises the need for frequent replacements, reducing overall environmental impact.

Lexmark 9 seriesIn addition, the 9-Series is purpose-built with your security in mind. In an ever-evolving landscape of security challenges, the 9-Series offers peace of mind with Lexmark’s comprehensive security portfolio. From the moment you start the device, you’re protected by industry-leading security features.

Moreover, the 9-Series integrates advanced A4 technology into a robust A3 device. While print manufacturers typically downsize complex A3 technology for smaller A4 devices, Lexmark has ingeniously tailored the 9-Series to extend its acclaimed A4 technology, enabling it to handle even the most challenging printing jobs. This series combines the user-friendly simplicity of Lexmark’s A4 devices with the sophistication of an A3 device, boasting significantly fewer components than existing A3 print engines.


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