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The TASKalfa Range - Best in Class for Economy, Quality and Security

Designed with people in mind, the TASKAlfa Colour MFP Series from Kyocera redefines colour multifunctional systems. TASKalfa is engineered for the critical demands of any business, featuring sleek design and advanced technology on the inside. With a powerful combination of features, long-life technology and superior image quality – this range is the best in class available and a sound business investment.

Professional quality output in brilliant colour or black and white. Scan directly onto a USB drive from the device. Long-life components mean cost effectiveness and environmental focus. Preventative maintenance schedule – every 300,000 pages – all backed by Kyocera’s award winning ultra-reliable technology.

Award Winning Technology

KJL Printer Store | Kyocera TASKalfa Range
KJL Printer Store | Kyocera TASKalfa Range
KJL Printer Store | Kyocera TASKalfa Range

Premium Features and Options

The TASKalfa range offers true economic benefits and flexibility for business. These features include faster speeds processing jobs and virtually no delays between jobs. The number of print jobs that can be held is only limited by memory capacity and KJL software can notify the maintenance team of anything that is required. That translates to an efficient workplace with reduced IT department workload and typically significant purchase and running cost reductions.

HyPAS (Hybrid Platform for Advanced Solutions) is available as standard on the TASKalfa series and delivers a broad range of options that enable your MFP to integrate with widely accepted software applications and operate in virtually any business environment. This includes Google Drive, Evernote, Dropbox and OneDrive as well as colour management and economy tools.

KJL Printer Store | Kyocera TASKalfa Range

Integrated Security

The TASKalfa series features the ability to manage security in the way that suits your business best. With options ranging from pin numbers and integrated card readers. More than that, all security features are available across the full range of devices including mobile devices and tablets as well as desktops and laptops.

All security solutions ensure full trackability of data being processed by individuals – what they printed, when and where – making it a simple to halt corporate espionage, printer misuse and management of sensitive data. Data Security Kits also feature Data Overwrite management, Manual and Automatic Deletion Processes, Password Protection for Administrators and Data Encryption. This, in line with GDPR, protects Company Information and Assets at Device Level and builds towards ISO 15408 or EAL 3 Level Conformance and Validation.

KJL Printer Store | Kyocera TASKalfa Range

Superior Print Quality

Designed by colour experts, the TASKalfa Series displays extremely smooth transitions across complex colour fades (even on A3 paper) and reproduce grey accurately using the CMYK mix perfectly. Along with a host of paper handling features, there is also a vivid setting to easily reproduce professional A3 prints.

With output speeds ranging from 25 ppm up to 60 ppm, the TASKalfa series offers superb colour quality thanks to award winning toner developments (with a wider colour gamut and 1,200 x 1,200 dpi print resolution), which is offered at full engine speed. To fully utilise the machines’ colour capabilities it is also possible to print on special paper sizes such as SRA3 (full-bleed edge-to-edge A3), banner paper, tab divider sheets, and paper of up to 300 gsm.

TASKalfa devices are also compatible with a range of software options including fiery controllers to fully optimise printing to meet your needs.

Fiery SeeQuence Suite

KJL Printer Store | Kyocera TASKalfa Range

Eco-Friendly Option

Kyocera are intensely focused on environmental protection and each aspect of the design, build and management works towards this goal. Our award-winning technology incorporates a durable imaging system based on KYOCERA’s patented Amorphous Silicon (ASi) and Organic Photoconductor (OPC) drums. They can handle hundreds of thousands of prints in their lifetime.

Less waste for Business

In traditional laser printers, the drums are contained in the consumable cartridge and need to be replaced each time the toner runs out. By making them permanent components, KYOCERA greatly reduces the lifetime waste of printers – as well as cutting the cost of consumables.

KJL Printer Store | Kyocera TASKalfa Range

Interested in the TASKalfa Series?

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