Kyocera 1702HN3EU0 / MK-3260 Maintenance Kit

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This Kyocera Maintenance Kit is suitable for FS-C5200DN printers after 200,000 pages.

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What is the MK-3260 Maintenance Kit?
The 1702HN3EU0, MK-3260, MK3260 or MK 3260 kit extends your Kyocera printer’s life. It contains key components which will need replacing after an extended period to ensure your printer works at optimum efficiency and performance does not decline.

Why would I need this Kyocera Maintenance Kit?
Installing the brand-new parts from this original Kyocera 1702HN3EU0 Maintenance Kit will extend the life of your printer. This kit is made from genuine Kyocera parts built specifically for your printer, meaning reliable operation is guaranteed, even in the most demanding of environments.

When would I need to install this service kit to my Kyocera printer?
Fitting this kit is recommended every 200,000 pages to maintain true printer efficiency.

Will this kit work for my printer?
This Maintenance Kit is suitable for the following Kyocera printers:

• FS-C5200DN

What is included in the MK-3260 Maintenance Kit?
The 1702HN3EU0 kit includes:
• Drum
• Filters
• Developer Units B/C/M/Y
• Fuser
• Transfer Unit
• Feed Unit
• Rollers

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